unique-wedding-entertainmentA wedding or event should have a feeling of the drama that builds. The good drama, theatrical drama that is. Your ceremony is the most important moment of the day but what comes after builds on the energy of the moments before. I love to surprise guests at our events with experiences, shows, gastronomy and unexpected memories in a reception. It’s a celebration after all! Celebrate with as much fanfare and pomp and circumstance as you’d like, it’s about creating memories together, honoring the couple getting married (and their families) and showing everyone in the room a really fantastic time.

Here are five ways to elevate your wedding reception experience in unexpected ways:

Entertainment. Entertainment at a wedding doesn’t mean just music. There can be a grand show going on at a wedding reception. Whether it’s a concert of your favorite performers or a ballet dance accompanied by a live orchestra during dinner, the band can play around acrobatic performers and professional dancers or a human art installation can delight guests while they dine. The music and experience can change throughout the night. From live to late night DJ. We’ve even had musicians playing instruments attached to the tops of buildings to create above the crowd. Don’t think of wedding music as just a band or DJ anymore, it’s a show to be seen, whatever you can dream of! As we often work with historical monuments, video mapping allows us to highlight the facades in a very original way. Combined with fireworks, this makes your event spectacular.

We have a dedicated post about further entertainment ideas, don’t hesitate to check it out by clicking here !

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Gastronomy. The menu planning portion of a wedding is not only about the tastes and personal favorites, but about the show. Rather than just plate your meals, we encourage our chefs to design a culinary experience with a performance element. Whether that’s French style service to lift a smoking speciality hiding inside a box or an action station where chefs are pulling fresh cheeses and creating desserts before you eyes. Desserts are an important part of French weddings so we always design the dessert course in excess. The more beautiful pastries, the better. The more awe and delight in the presentation, the more energy in the room!

wedding-entertainment-ideasStaff. A rule to live by is always over staff. Never fall short of enough people to create a quality experience for your guests. While I always ensure enough staff at an event, I also like each team member to play a roll in the design and drama of the day. That may mean dressing the waitstaff in vintage court attire or a carnival themed look to suit the party plans. Whatever the style may call for, simple black or white uniforms won’t do. Dressing the staff in clothing, accessories, even hair and makeup suitable for the theme will enhance the event in such a big way, without anyone realizing how you’ve done it.

wedding-menu-ideas-parisGifts. Wedding favors are nothing new but lavish wedding favors are growing in popularity across more and more cultures. If there’s room in the budget, give your guests something truly spectacular at their seats. They’ll be excited and feel appreciated from the moment they enter. If a table side gift doesn’t work, consider a shopping area for guests to get gifts they really want. Gift them regional items or designer accessories – anything fitting of you and your location of course! But then, it has to be small so that it can fit in the suitcase, and well packed (especially if you are having a destination wedding)!


Sendoff Experiences. At the end of the evening, rather than running through sparklers or just saying good night, I like to end with a wow moment. That could be a fireworks show as the couple departs in a vintage convertible or releasing hundreds of lanterns into the night sky. The photos and the moments won’t soon be forgotten.

Showing your guests a once-in-a-lifetime celebration at your reception is part of the hospitality of hosting a wedding. When you can, wow them in ways they never imagined possible!

Photo Credits: Top Image: Ross Harvey. Entertainment: Scarlett Entertainment & Nu’Art Entertainment

Tuesday June 11th, 2019

5 Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Reception and Dazzle Your Guests

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