nuart-entertainmentWeddings and destination weddings have so many moving parts and so many small details that help bring together an overall effect that is truly everlasting in the minds of the guests and hosts. While each of our clients have their own ideas and priorities, entertainment is something I always suggest not to skimp on. Wedding entertainment is so much more than music in the background, it’s an experience, a feeling, sometimes a show, and often interactive.

If you’re looking to wow your crowd, then look no further than these unique wedding entertainment ideas that we love to curate and produce for our events.

Artistic Performances

One of my favorite companies that simply amazes the crowd time and time again is Nu’Art Entertainment. They truly elevate the entertainment world unlike you’ve seen before in weddings. Rather than showcasing a musical act or group of dancers, they incorporate art, dance, sound, and alternative mediums into event entertainment. This is unique wedding entertainment your guests certainly haven’t seen before!



Dancers have always been a popular form of entertainment, but now they’re part of the experience.

No longer do we have to watch a stage show from dinner but we can incorporate dancers into the meal. Whether they flutter around the family tables or participate in the execution and service of the meal, interactive, engaging dancers are much more entertaining than a simple show. Dancers can even get your guests out on the dance floor as they encourage the crowd, take hands, and take the energy level up a notch. Dancers can also incorporate other forms of entertainment into the experience. Even the use of fire can be exotic in the right environment!


We like to add these artistic touches during dinner. As we did here, an artist among the guests he impresses with his beautiful dancing line.

The stilts of the Nu’Art Entertainment, using champagne, just like the guests.

Here is another musical performance with the violinists of Scarlet Entertainment, playing on a lake at Château Vaux le Vicomte. Beauty and elegance!

Integration of the human in the setting and animation

Animators do not have to be musicians or any other kind of musical artist. An example with Scarlett Entertainment, where a woman becomes a work of art herself: the flower lady.


For another event at the Petit Palais, we used stilts for a fun and magical welcome! Perfect at night.

Today it is also extremely important to know how to surprise our guests. The best way to do it? Offer the unexpected. Let me show you an example: Charles Kaisin. He is one of my personal inspirations in the animation of events. He recently performed a surrealist dinner that was simply a source of inspiration for events. The set was part of the show and that’s exactly what we’re trying to create.

One of his ideas in serving the dishes was to make artists look like waiters when they rehearsed their performance, or suddenly turn off the lights and have waiters with bright hats.

Nu Art Entertainment also offers the art of “emotional catering”, a concept that intensifies the culinary experience.


Installations and decorations

Above, a 400-year-old sculpture located in Gordes. We “dressed” these women with a floral decoration. A nice little touch, yet very elegant and inspiring.

And below, the “Earth Harp” installed by Elan Artists, was not just a musical instrument! In addition to making it a fantastic musical performance, the editing was breathtaking in itself.


For art collection lovers, here is an interesting photo background. A piece assembled with models whose dresses are inspired by the style of Mondrian, a 20th century artist recognized throughout the world.

Another inspiration: when I was a speaker at the Engage!17 in Venice (World Wedding Industry Conference), the event’s producers had put in place a background that impressed all the best wedding planners present. I also invite you to read our article on this event which was a great adventure for me! engage-17-venice

Creative artists

To watch a painter in action is to see the magic of creation work. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a line and brushstrokes become an artistic piece in its own right.

An example with the artist Renald Zapata, one of the pioneers of the “live painting show”, with whom we worked for an event. It is just as excellent for art lovers as it is for others, due to the entertainment side of this painting performance.

  Or the artist Bruno, who paints with invisible ink and uses glitter to make his creation visible and create an effect of surprise and magic for the guests.

Headline Entertainment

Celebrity entertainers are available for events too.

Did you know you can book your favorite headliner, if the price is right. In my world, no is not an answer. We work hard to bring the latest as well as the greatest in entertainers possible for your wedding or event. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.


Our client wanted was an absolute fan of the singer Patrick Bruel, and it was her wish that he would sing at her wedding.


Tamara Valcarel, chanteuse espagnole, elle aussi était invitée à chanter durant ce même événement.



After Party Surprise and Delights


Don’t forget about what happens when guests think dinner and dancing is done! Usher your group into another setting for a late night after party with an entirely different form of entertainment. Perhaps a silent DJ (pending the property’s curfew) or an earth harp installation by Elan Artists. Just don’t forget to set the mood. Lighting has just as much to do with this portion of the evening’s entertainment. Be certain to light the night with the music and you’ve created after party magic.


Lighting can be done with LED costumes, avant-garde and above all very fun!

And for a final: fireworks!

It’s never boring, all generations enjoy it. The little ones, the grandparents, the grandparents. Look at the fireworks above the Vaux Le Vicomte castle that make this moment magical. He will forever mark the event in the minds of the guests.

wedding-after-parties What unique wedding entertainment ideas do you want to see brought to life at your event? Remember, if you can dream it, it’s quite possible it can be done. So set the sky as the limit and have fun with the festivities. There are no boundaries when it comes to design and entertainment!

Wednesday October 3rd, 2018

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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