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Paris, the global fashion capital, epitomizes style and sophistication. With iconic designers and haute couture gracing its cobblestone streets, the city sets the standard for modern excellence. From Champs-Élysées to Le Marais, Paris is the epicenter of unparalleled fashion glamour. 

As someone deeply immersed in the realm of bridal fashion, I maintain close ties with bridal designers worldwide. Staying ahead of fashion trends is crucial in my line of work, but equally vital is cultivating relationships with diverse bridal designers. This enables me to make well-informed recommendations to ensure my brides find the perfect gown that resonates with their unique style. I sat down with my dear friend, Lebanese-Italian fashion designer Tony Ward. Thoughtfully, Tony and I discussed everything from creative inspiration to making his brides as comfortable as possible during the customization process.

All things bridal fashion with Tony Ward

Can you describe your design philosophy and the unique style that sets your bridal fashion apart from others in the industry?

I get inspired by the woman herself when designing my Bridal line, all while keeping the classical, romantic side… I however work around her fierceness and edginess… around the woman of today. Walking down the aisle in full confidence is what the gown should represent.

What inspires your bridal gown collections, and how do you stay up-to-date with the latest bridal fashion trends?

Just like my other collections, I get inspired by anything that surrounds me or whatever crosses my paths… but my constant muse will always be HER. There are no set trends for the Bridal gowns as French lace, embroidered guipure, and taffeta… will always be trendy, just like the princess cuts or mermaid ones. I integrate these but with edgy twists.

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Walk us through your creative process when designing a custom bridal gown for a client. How do you collaborate with brides to bring their visions to life?

I first and foremost sit with her, and listen to what she wants and what makes her happy… getting to know the bride is the most important thing in my design process. Then comes the sketching part where we present several options of gowns through sketches and several fabric swatches, moving on to the exciting part once the design is set, which is the step of seeing the gown on a “toile” before it gets tailored on her. We always tend to walk the bride through the process, through every stitch; It’s what makes her gown unique and exclusive!

Choosing the right wedding dress

What are some key considerations brides should consider when choosing their wedding gown, and how do you assist them in making this important decision?

I advise them to keep the “trend” on the side when it comes to the Bridal collection, the most important thing is what will make HER happy on her big day!

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Bridal fashion can be an emotional and personal journey. How do you support brides in feeling comfortable and confident during the fitting and alteration process?

Walking the bride through the process of her dress creation is the most important part for us, we aim to make her bridal gown journey as dreamy as she deserves. We carefully cater to her needs to make her feel comfortable!

Looking ahead, what bridal fashion trends or innovations can we expect to see soon, and how are you preparing to incorporate them into your designs?

Upcycled bridal dresses could be the next thing on the pipeline; I’ve always thought of giving life to archived bridal laces, or gowns and giving them a new soul. As mentioned, we follow no specific trends in our bridal collections… It is and always will be an ode to the woman of today, all while falling under the house’s DNA.

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Wednesday January 3rd, 2024

Bridal fashion in 2024: An interview with Tony Ward

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