Fine dining in luxury wedding catering

A foundational pillar of Alejandra Poupel Events that distinguishes us is our collaboration with elite creative experts. One of my most cherished collaborations is with DUCASSE Reception. I’ve been honored to partner with Alain in various culinary roles while orchestrating luxury weddings and events across Europe.

Leveraging his profound expertise in the restaurant industry, Alain Ducasse launched DUCASSE Reception. This venture embodies his culinary brilliance and unmatched hospitality, tailored to cater to both professional and private bespoke events.

Pascal Féraud, the Executive Chef at DUCASSE Reception, addresses my in-depth fine dining inquiries, reflecting our shared dedication to crafting events that leave a lasting impression.

Fine dining in luxury wedding catering

All things fine dining with Pascal Féraud

What challenges do you face when catering for a larger event like a wedding, compared to a regular night at a Michelin-starred restaurant?

The biggest challenge in catering for a large group is ensuring that guests feel special, as if they’re in a Michelin-starred restaurant, from the service and food to the decoration and atmosphere. They shouldn’t feel like they’re part of a large crowd, but rather have the sense that they’re seated in an intimate Michelin-starred restaurant.

How do you ensure that the quality and finesse of a Michelin-starred dish is maintained when serving guests at a wedding?

Sometimes, we have to adapt our dishes for a wedding. For example the way we cut the food, pour the sauce or finish the dish, to make sure that in the end – when the dish is hot and served – we get the same flavors and results as in a restaurant.

Do couples often request traditional dishes for their wedding menu, or are they looking for a more avant-garde Michelin-star experience?

We get both types of requests. Some couples know exactly what they want, asking for dishes that are part of their history (childhood favorites, dishes from their first encounter, etc.). Conversely, others only give us guidelines, and ask us to come up with a fine dining menu that will make their wedding unforgettable.

Fine dining in luxury wedding catering

Unique wedding catering

How do you adapt global or exotic flavors to cater to a diverse group of guests, ensuring both uniqueness and broad appeal?

I am fortunate enough to traverse the globe through my work, cooking across various continents. This exposure to diverse traditions, customs, and palates worldwide enables us to tailor our menus to resonate with local flavors, all while staying true to our signature cuisine.

What is the most unique or memorable wedding menu you have ever designed? Can you walk us through some of the dishes?

I believe the most memorable wedding we design is for the daughter of a Formula One dignitary in Italy. The stage and invited artists are outstanding, and the wedding spans several days, so we prepare multiple dinners. We feature caviar bars and open bars, serving dozens of antipasti in individual dishes. A world-renowned star plays the piano throughout the evening for guests.

On the last night, we host a sit-down dinner. We serve an asparagus risotto cooked and presented in small saucepans, reminiscent of a fine dining establishment. All the waiters enter the dining room to serve the risotto individually. Crafting such a sophisticated dish for 250 people outdoors is challenging.

The next course is a Poularde de Bresse with truffles beneath the skin. This dish is accompanied by generously sized vegetables sourced directly from a farmer. These vegetables are kept fresh, never refrigerated before or after cooking. All chefs enter the dining room to freshly shave truffles onto each guest’s dish. As guests savor their meal, they watch a Cirque du Soleil performance in the sky between two hot air balloons.

Fine dining in luxury wedding catering

Bringing the fine-dining experience to luxury weddings

Do you offer signature fine dining dishes designed specifically for weddings or events?

Mr. Ducasse creates a utensil known as ‘the cookpot,’ a small ‘cocotte’ that lets us prepare individual dishes inside. This efficient cooking technique allows us to present steaming hot dishes to each guest.

What advice do you offer couples aiming to give their guests a Michelin-star culinary experience at their wedding?

I always recommend staying true to your tastes and desires. Choose a renowned and proficient caterer who can exceed your expectations. It’s better to select this path over inexperienced or non-specialized caterers, as they might tarnish an otherwise unforgettable day.

What are the current trends in wedding dinners?

A prevailing trend this season is leaning towards nature, highlighting fruits and vegetables grown close to or at the venue.

I eagerly anticipate collaborating with such outstanding culinary talents at upcoming weddings and events worldwide!

Monday October 30th, 2023

Fine-dining in Luxury Weddings: An interview with Pascal Féraud

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