Destination Wedding Planner in France

To me, there are few things more beautiful than a destination wedding.

It’s not just about having an extravagant celebration in an exotic locale. There’s a special alchemy to destination weddings that comes from bringing family and friends together to share an experience. It creates a warmth – an intimacy – that makes these celebrations unique and ensures they will be radiant in the memories of your guests for years to come. So it’s crucial that you have the time and space to enjoy every precious moment! That’s what makes it so important to hire a destination wedding planner in France and beyond. A professional planner will not only save you many hours and a huge amount of stress in the lead-up to the event. They will also ensure that you can relax and savour your day, knowing you are in safe hands.

Here are some important reasons you should hire a destination wedding planner in France.

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To save you time

Even if you are planning a local wedding, it takes around 150 hours. It’s like taking on an additional job! This time can also be significantly more when it comes to destination weddings, especially when you take into account issues like timezone, communication with vendors, and researching local venues and suppliers. My clients are often busy professionals whose time is too valuable to spare. When you hire me as your destination wedding planner in France, my team and I will take care of all the hard work for you. We’ll also be on the ground to speed up the process. So you’ll be able to focus your time on the things that are more important. Like each other!

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For local knowledge

An experienced destination wedding planner will have an in-depth knowledge of your wedding location. They will know the best venues (and which to avoid), what to expect from the weather at different times of year, local customs, and legal requirements. They will know where to go for the most beautiful flowers and which pâtissier makes the most delectable cakes. Crucially, they will be on the ground to conduct site visits and inspections, tastings, and other trials when you are not available to do so. Of course, language can also be a barrier, so hiring a destination wedding planner in France ensures nothing is lost in translation!


For trusted contacts

Another important part of a planner’s local knowledge is their network of wedding vendors. This can save you a huge amount of time spent in researching service providers and sifting through reviews or conducting interviews. Instead, you can trust your wedding planner to recommend the best vendors to carry out your vision and negotiate with them on your behalf. Usually they will have worked together many times before. These relationships are so important in making the impossible possible for our clients! You also have the benefit of only having a single point of contact instead of having to manage communication with an entire team of vendors individually.


To ensure everything runs smoothly

Couples who plan their own destination weddings usually experience so much stress in the days before the wedding. There’s so much rush, and so many questions from guests and vendors. There are also always some unforeseen challenges and things that could go wrong. A wedding planner will take all of this off your shoulders. They’ll fight any fires that come up, co-ordinate your guests, and field any last-minute requests. All you have to do is enjoy it – and say “I do”!

Thursday May 25th, 2023

Why Hire a Destination Wedding Planner in France

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