One of the most fanciful weddings we produced last year was a wedding at Opera Garnier in Paris. It’s a venue I absolutely love to work at, though they don’t often allow weddings. This spectacular setting has a staircase fit for only a cake as royal as this couple served. And with dripping flowers suspended from the ceiling all around it, dessert was certainly worth waiting for!

No detail was left undone at this wedding at Opera Garnier. From ballet dancers in blush to coordinate with the waterfalls of ombre pink florals, every turn was a visual masterpiece to be beheld.

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The venue needs little dressing up -it’s ornate and magical all on its own. Though the rooms lend themselves well to vignettes of lounge seating and musicians nicely. Of course we found ways to dress up the spaces even more grand than they already were.

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Our entertainment fit the location. At the opera house in Paris, it seems right to have ballerinas to serenade the guest!


To know me is to know I love to incorporate theater into my designs. That includes the entertainers and staff. In all her vintage Parisian glory, take a peek at one of our well-appointed entertainers.

wedding-at-opera-garnier-26wedding-at-opera-garnier-23 wedding-at-opera-garnier-38wedding-at-opera-garnier-42 wedding-at-opera-garnier-37wedding-at-opera-garnier-15 wedding-at-opera-garnier-46wedding-at-opera-garnier-40 wedding-at-opera-garnier-3wedding-at-opera-garnier-32

Even with a venue as awe-inspiring as this, guests could not stop talking about…dessert! What could be more magical than the art of sugar…that one gets to eat!

wedding-at-opera-garnier-10wedding-at-opera-garnier-31wedding-at-opera-garnier-30 wedding-at-opera-garnier-50wedding-at-opera-garnier-49wedding-at-opera-garnier-6wedding-at-opera-garnier-29 wedding-at-opera-garnier-20wedding-at-opera-garnier-21 wedding-at-opera-garnier-5wedding-at-opera-garnier-18 wedding-at-opera-garnier-11 wedding-at-opera-garnier-7wedding-at-opera-garnier-39

Wedding at Opera Garnier Team

Event Planner + Designer: Alejandra Poupel Events, Venue: Opera de Paris, Videography: Zen Film Works, Catering: Potelet & Chabot, Photography: The Pineapple Chef, Zuzu Birkhof, Nahoko Spiess, Cake + Pasteries: Bastien Blanc Tailleur, Floral Design: Eric Chauvin, Entertainment: Scarlett Entertainment, Stationery: Florine Asch, Epoque Characters: Midnight Premiere, Makeup: Miwoo Kim, Hair: JR Queiros, Mathieu Laudrel

Thursday April 6th, 2023

Wedding at Opera Garnier in Paris

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