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An hour an a half outside of Paris, Champs de Bataille is a destination in itself! Take the Oriental Express train from Paris to the locale and your guests will have a luxury experience even before they arrive. Then, for this château wedding location, we encourage the couple and guests to sleep in the castle or stay in nearby hotels outside of the city.

Owned by world-renowned decorater, Jacques Garcia, part of its charm is the ability for guests to sleep like royalty within the walls. With 24 bedrooms, including the royal bedrooms, some of modern time’s most elite guests have stayed here. For the couple who are concerned less with budget and more about creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their guests, this château wedding location is for you.

The manicured gardens will give you much to choose from – from an Indian-style garden to Italian or Greek. There’s even a natural canopy of trees that organically grows every year.

Nothing has been forgotten in this château wedding location. They offer butlers and chefs that are used to catering French aristocracy and the most discerning clientele and they provide golf, horseback riding, cooking lessons, biking, and horse racing and hot air ballooning nearby, in addition to so much more. It’s truly a destination wedding weekend experience you won’t forget!

What to Know Before You Book: The ideal season to wed in Normandy is May to mid-September for optimal weather. It’s imperative to have a rain plan structure for events larger than 50 guests since the area’s climate can quickly change. Generators and additional lighting also need to be accounted for at this property. That means the wedding budget must have room to accommodate the additional expenses and families seeking to wed here should be prepared for venue costs that reflect that higher price point prior to viewing.

APE Idea: Host a portion of your event in the soon-to-be-open Volcano Grove Cascade. This natural wonder is an ideal spot for a magical cocktail hour or spectacular ceremony.

Wednesday April 8th, 2020

Chateau de Champs de Bataille

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