We were so excited to have taken part in the inauguration of the hottest new wedding venue in Paris on July 1st. After nearly 4 years of renovations, we can’t wait to host events in the amazing refurbished ballrooms with the most breathtaking views imaginable to the iconic Place de la concorde! The Crillon Rosewood hotel will be the flagship for the prestigious hotel chain already well known in the United States.    


The façade has been erected under Louis XV. Originally built in 1758, Hôtel de Crillon enjoys an unbeatable position overlooking the Place de la Concorde. The legendary palace offers a refined and illustrious history. With its wonderful neoclassic façade and architecture, the hotel is captivating. It has dazzled generations of visitors and played host to some of history’s greatest events. The building has stood through the reigns of two French kings, including Marie-Antoinette, the French Revolution, the rise and fall of the Napoleonic Empire and the birth of the League of Nations.

The renovation of a National Treasure

In March 2013, Hôtel de Crillon closed its doors. A major renovation starts, to further enhance the majesty and elegance of this exceptional establishment, while conserving the spirit of its prestigious 18th-century edifice. The façade had been erected during the reign of Louis XV, by the architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel. The reborn Hôtel de Crillon offers incomparable luxury with eclectic, art-driven spaces, in an emotional crescendo… elegantly expressing the spirit of Paris. Aline d’Amman, a dear friend and incredibly talented was head interior architect for the project and her audacious style and keen eye for art shines through. What amazed me at our sneak peek visit was the 50 different types of marble all over the hotel and the hand picked design furniture that gives the hotel a warm and cosy feel. 3 different architects took part of the renovation project.

Aline d’Amman and I

Chahan Minassian

We wanted a more residential approach” Aline d’Amman explains. Minassian took the stiffness out of spaces like the high rococo salon that once housed the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs, turning it into an enveloping cocktail bar with low-slung tubular sofas in shimmering gray crushed velvet and tables inlaid with slices of semiprecious minerals. For a little rock and roll, Minassian draped silver chains over a string of original chandeliers, and slung a brutalist chande-lier over the new horseshoe bar.

Tristan Auer

Auer took on much of the ground floor, which he has streamlined and completely reordered. Check-in now takes place in an intimate space just off the Place de la Concorde, furnished with cognac leather easy chairs—“the kind of thing you’d see in a comfortable home” says d’Amman.

Cyril Vergniol

In his 114 guest rooms, Vergniol updated the 18th-century shell with contemporary references such as 1950s armchairs upholstered in fruit-toned silk and a liberal use of marble. Each room is dotted with original artworks, many of them prints from the pre-renovation era now cheekily retouched by various artists.

Chahan Minassian, one of the architects, and Aline d’Amman, the artistic director of the project.

The fact that 4 different interior designers were chosen with very ecclectic styles makes the hotel feel like a welcoming home with soft tones and textures. Exquisite artwork is displayed in all the public and private rooms so you are captivating all your senses. The target was to make this a hotel that Parisians would come often to and enjoy so warm and cozy spaces were created throughout. There is a superb cabinet des Curiosités style store, designed by Thomas Erber, that will be a must stop now that Colette will be closing its doors. There is also a mens grooming area, and a private cigar lounge for a superb masculin experience.

Cabinet de curiosité, by Thomas Erber.

The masculine beauty, celebrated by the Crillon hôtel.

Ladies are also pampered. The SPA, and the indoor pool are an invitation to escape. In the women’s hair salon, haute couture feather artisan, Eric Charles‑Donatien, spent 350 hours hand-cutting, gilt-­tipping, and affixing metal and rooster feathers for a jungly-looking alcove of less than ten square feet. David Lucas will be pleased to take care of your hair, in this enchanted interlude.

The indoor pool, a hidden gem in the heart of Paris.

David Lucas’s hair salon.

A bar and restaurant  affordable prices (from 44€ the lunch menu), la Brasserie d’Aumont, so all the cool businessmen and lovely Parisian ladies will be spotted.


The Hôtel de Crillon offers 78 rooms, 36 suites and 10 signature suites that highlight a Parisian residential style, equally warm and refined. Offering an incomparable atmosphere of contemporary sophistication, the rooms and suites are elegantly decorated with a mix of bespoke furnishings, beautiful antiques and carefully chosen pieces of art that underscore an exceptional attention to detail. We have already booked fabulous hotel rooms for an upcoming birthday celebration in Paris. Our 100 pampered guests will be able to enjoy this new and lovely hotel filled with terraces and views. The new trend to have fabulous artists participate in luxury hotels came to life when Karl Lagerfeld signed on to create a couple of signature suites. For a year, d’Amman had included Lagerfeld in her pitch without having secured his consent. “I knew the hotel would need an intense link to the 18th century but also a display of French art de vivre and innovation,” she says. “He was the only one who could materialize that bridge.” But how could she get him on board? “I wrote a hand-drafted letter explaining the mission,” she recalls. “Twenty-four hours after he got it, he called and said

‘I wanted to thank you; this is an elegant letter. No one does this anymore.’

His agreement came soon after.

Karl Lagerfeld signature suites

The prestigious Grands Appartments – designed by Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld has a sentimental attachment to the Crillon. “When I was young, I’d come to Paris as a schoolboy” he recalls. “During the late afternoon I’d sit on the terraces of the Tuileries, look at the Crillon, and say, ‘I’d love to stay there one day.” In addition to being an icon of the fashion world and an outstanding photographer, Karl Lagerfeld is renowned as one of the leading connoisseurs of the 18th century. He has chosen to design two of the hotel’s most prestigious suites which he sees as “grand apartments.” The Grands Appartements feature bespoke furniture, unique bathroom decors, a dining room and ultra-contemporary design dressing rooms. The two Grands Appartements, 176 m² and 125m² can be combined together, as well as with an adjoining bedroom, offering a three bedroom apartment (335 m²).

The Grands Appartments – designed by Karl Lagerfeld

The Grands Appartments – designed by Karl Lagerfeld

The Grands Appartments – designed by Karl Lagerfeld


Meetings and events

If you are planning a wedding, birthday celebration or event we would love to take you to visit these exceptional landmark ballrooms! High ceilings, fabulous design art work, soft tones and chandeliers stand out. There is a big sized terrace for guests to enjoy the outstanding views We can adjoin the rooms and have a sit down dinner for approximately 120 guests and more importantly we can have musical entertainment throughout the evening without bothering hotel guests because of its location. Filled with daylight, the venues at the Crillon offer unparalleled views over Paris and its most famous landmarks matched with the finest catering options from world renowned chef : Christopher Hache. French gastronomy is very important to our clients. Obvisouly, they will not be disappointed at the Crillon. Their areas vary from 37m² for the Cave, the Hôtel de Crillon’s exclusive cellar that an intimate setting for corporate events and special occasions, to 100m² for the Orangerie – terrace, the overlooking Hôtel de Crillon’s Cour d’Honneur, that offers a unique outdoor atmostphere in the heart of the hotel. The exquisite Salon Marie-Antoinette, 60m² wide, offers the most exceptional views in Paris and a memorable atmosphere for the finest events and occasions. The historic room opens to a 35 m² terrace overlooking the Place de la Concorde with views of the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, Les Invalides and other Parisian landmarks.

The Salon Marie-Antoinette

Overlooking the Place de la Concorde, the 93 m² Salon des Aigles encapsulates the rich heritage and expert craftsmanship of the Hôtel de Crillon. The palace’s grandest venue can be combined with two other salons to accommodate up to 220 guests for your event.

The Salon des aigles

Monday August 14th, 2017

Wedding venue in Paris – The Crillon hotel, the rebirth of an icon

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