I spend a lot of time on my site discussing the details that bring together a magical event experience. It’s the sum of the collective that leaves a truly lasting impression on your wedding guests. From lighting up a grand entrance at Petit Palais to the final sendoff of the newlyweds at the end of the evening; every wedding detail is an opportunity to surprise and delight. That means the getaway at the end of the night or the entrance to the ceremony or reception can be a focal point too. We’ve created some elaborate grand entrances for clients in the past. So today I want to touch on ways to have an over-the-top wedding getaway.

Consider these ideas when planning your wedding wow moments.

over-the-top-wedding-getawaysArrive or Depart by Helicopter: Talk about anticipation! Arriving via helicopter alerts your guests to the fact that you’re coming as they watch a grand entrance (or exit) unlike any other. Many of the French chateaux we work at have helipads just for the occasion. Just make sure you have enough space and distance from the crowd. You want to avoid kicking up dirt and dresses or impact your guests’ hair.

creative-wedding-getawaysHorse-Drawn Carriage: For a more traditional entrance or exit, depart for your wedding night suite via horse-drawn buggy or carriage dressed in florals that match your wedding day décor. If you have children in your wedding party, they will love the photo opp. You and your partner will appreciate the quiet moment of romance as you reflect on the day’s festivities.

unique-wedding-getawaysSports Car or Vintage Car Rally: Arrive in style with your wedding party in tow with a vintage and/or sports car rally. Most groom or groomsmen will quickly volunteer to drive to the ceremony in one of these sophisticated cars. From a specific vintage sports car to a fleet of your favorite make and model, if you have car dreams, we can create an experience you’ll never forget.

wedding-car-rallyGet Carried Away: Don’t discount the imagination when it comes to planning your over-the-top wedding getaway. If you can dream it, it can be done. How about departing up to your wedding night suite via a litter (chairs on a platform overhead). Models looking the part lift you high into the air to be celebrated one last time as you depart. Depending on your destination, we can create an over-the-top wedding getaway to fit any celebration!

There are so many ways to say good bye at the end of the night. From sparklers to a celebration of lanterns or fireworks, we love to create these experiential moments. What will you drive away in for your over-the-top wedding getaway?

Sunday February 10th, 2019

Over-the-Top Wedding Getaway

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