Aurelia and Marcus had the most beautiful private estate wedding in France at their family home in Solonge.

The French wedding venue was very near and dear to their hearts so I wanted to make this event feel as intimate as their connection to the property. The couple’s home in Luzy sur Marne was the perfect backdrop for a wedding blending a French and English family and one that welcomed guests from across Europe.  I knew this wedding planning experience was going to be a lovely one after a three hour initial meeting that ended in a fast friendship!

private estate wedding in france



designer-flower-girl-dresses The charming town where the couple chose to wed was just right for the two of them. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t present its own challenges! We had to bring in everything from Paris. In order to achieve the elevated style the bride and groom expected, we enlisted the assistance of a caterer, florist, and other key vendors from the big city. That even included a crystal tent! wedding-locations-Sologne-France

Aurelia’s couture wedding dress also hailed from Paris.

She opted to wear a gorgeous custom Celestina Agostina wedding gown. Celestina Agostina is one of the finest couture wedding dress makers in Paris and the finished product was nothing short of perfection. Celestina created the sleeved wedding dress with Aurelia’s romantic sensibility in mind. After designing a pattern and several fittings later, the dress was complete in the finest Italian laces. It was just perfect for her!




This big day wasn’t entirely a private estate wedding in France.

The French wedding ceremony was a classic religious ceremony in the lovely town church of Luzy sur Marne. Their vows were not far from where their reception would take place. It took just two minutes for guests to walk from the church to the home, accompanied by a trumpet band we assigned to create a sense of fanfare and celebration.


My team and I had spent the previous seven days setting up a clear crystal tent for the wedding reception. Aurelia’s garden was masterfully designed by an incredible landscape artist so it was my plan to bring the nature outside, into the tent. We lit up all the trees surrounding the exterior and hung chandeliers inside flanked with fresh flowers.

In order to make the magic happen on the day, we installed generators, even built a kitchen and backstage for musicians. It was a small temporary city in a magical setting. But of course the guests only enjoyed the garden!


The entire family had a love of the arts so we wanted to weave that into the design.

The bride is an art dealer, therefore we named the wedding tables different artists of love. We made replicas of the paintings on each table and guests were given a calligraphy-adorned envelope with a photo card inside reflecting the artist table they were directed to. We also included a floor plan on the backside of each to ensure a smooth transition to the dinner tables.




The table names and wedding place cards weren’t the only unique paper details. The wedding invitations and other paper products were watercolored with scenes depicting the private estate wedding and elements of the day. Even the wedding website reflected the motifs and kept the theme alive across multiple mediums.

french-wedding-ideas Private-Estate-Wedding-in-France

It was the family’s wish to light the wedding dinner with only candles! The end result was beautiful, but the design process a challenge. Candles typically create lovely ambiance but not a lot of functional light. So we worked with Stephane Chapelle to create custom pieces that could accommodate enough candles in the space. Then we designed the flow of the wedding so that dinner was in one area and the dance party in another. That allowed us to change up the lighting into more of a nightclub atmosphere when the time came.




The bride wanted a magical feel for the fete so we gave guests sparklers to welcome the couple. Each table had a hostess and head waiter who lit them so the timing was perfect!


The French wedding menu was very classic and included one of our favorite champagnes. Ruinart Blanc Sur Blanc was served to spoil guests during dinner and then Chateau Yquem during dessert. You can imagine how pleased these wedding guests were with the menu!


The wedding entertainment was varied from space to space. During dinner we had an 18-piece classic band playing. In between courses, we surprised guests with acapella from the afterparty musicians to keep the mood lively. Then when it was time for the party to begin, we invited guests to the cake with the band singing Happy 9 and dancing took off immediately!

The entire night was lively, full of love and so personal for the couple and their families.

That’s one of the things I love most about a private estate wedding in France – the memories from before help to make the memories of this special night that much more meaningful.

private-estate-wedding-france Congratulations Marcus and Aurelia! May all your days ahead be as full of love as this one was!

A special thanks to all the talented wedding vendors who helped create this private estate wedding in France.

Wedding Planning + Design: Alejandra Poupel Events, Florist: Stephane Chapelle, Furniture: Options, Staging, Lighting + Sound: DSO, Wedding Dress: Celestina Agostino, Wedding Band: Inspirations, Location: Private Estate Wedding in France (Family Home)

Wednesday March 21st, 2018

A Private Estate Wedding in France

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