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Statements are made from the moment an engagement is announced. Be sure to follow through and incorporate seasonally stunning dining ideas into your wedding. Your entire menu can make a statement from each ingredient’s quality to its presentation’s drama. Or better yet, a combination thereof.

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Select at least one statement piece for each course

While designing a bold menu, seasonally appropriate ingredients are key. If a specific dish or cocktail requires an ingredient from a different region, consider having specialty items flown in from the source to ensure a stunning influence on what could be an average dining experience. Consider the appetizers as an introduction to the dining experience to come. Pay special attention to the joy of dining by incorporating different sensations– à la gastronomy. Flood the senses with these smaller bites or awe your guests with an unexpected feature. Perhaps your dining statement is in the sheer amount of options available to your guests, as seen here.

Buffets may suit large groups, but tableside service will forever shock and awe. Consider making a statement with your dinner menu by plating each entrée with a dramatic reveal. Who is serving the dish? Are they performing and demanding attention? Or are they so demur and calculated they blend into the surroundings, almost implying dinner is being served from thin air? These are all factors to consider when designing a statement-making menu for your wedding.

signature cocktails

food presentation with smoke

Food is a universal language, indeed. Use it to make a statement! Incorporate a new spin on a nostalgic flavor from the couple’s childhood, source a liqueur from your great-great-grandmother’s village, or perhaps the mile-long dining table is statement enough. However, if you want to nourish your guests, do so with the utmost attention to detail. Your scrupulous taste in menu selection will set a thoughtful tone for your wedding.

chandelier dessert server

© Ross Harvey

Whatever mood you intend to set during your wedding, your menu can certainly drive the point home. Embrace whimsy balanced with structure. Comfort foods alight with a modern twist. Or a dessert that begs for seconds. Fine cuisine should delight all of the senses and make a statement with your wedding menu. Above all, enjoy the process!


Images by Ross Harvey, Claire Morris Photography


Tuesday May 23rd, 2023

Make a Statement with Your Menu

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