The wedding cake is a key element of the event. It has its own special and symbolic moment: tradition has the couple cutting the cake and sharing it as a couple  before it’s served to the guests.

In 2018 our journey as wedding planners led us to the Grace Ormonde conference in the Bahamas. And that is where we met Elizabeth Solaru, founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. We wanted to share  her  extraordinary wedding cakes  that are recognized as the best in the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth, was very kind to give us an insider interview and fill our eyes with stars by sharing some of her creations.

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Logistics expert.

As a specialist in destination weddings, the logistics of a cake raises questions. How does the transportation of a cake up to 3 meters happens? That sounds like a a mammoth task!

You have worked on some of the most amazing destination weddings in Europe and beyond. How do you manage the logistics?

“Delivering a luxury wedding cake is a huge project by itself. I advise clients to book way in advance, as there is so much to plan. We will then determine the best way to deliver the cake and also liaise with a myriad of people, including the planner, and the venue etc.” 

One thing we need to ber concerned about is that the very high cake has to fit through the door of the venue. If it doesn’t fit, we need to create the cake actually onsite at the venue, either hided from the guests or displayed beautifully.

“A number of factors like the mode of transport, distance, terrain, weather and other conditions also have to be taken into consideration.”

Big demands.

At Alejandra Poupel Events, we often have requests with more than 100 of guests. Some requests even goes up to 400 or 500.

For a large group, how do you please everyone with so many dietary restrictions? Do you suggest different flavor choices or types of cake?

“Some of the key questions we ask our couples is around dietary restrictions, intolerances or allergies. We also often suggest cake flavours after taking into account the menu, wine choice and palate. We offer so many custom flavour combinations and we even create bespoke flavours.”

We can see from the pictures, Elizabeth’s cakes are gorgeous. They are tall, but perfectly aligned and steady. That demands good control and technics.

The art of wedding cake.

What’s the most elaborate cake you’ve ever created? Tell us about it and how you make it work.

“It was a 20 tier high baroque luxury wedding cake created for the dreamiest white and gold wedding at the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna.”

“We created custom moulds for the cake using the mouldings on the wall and ceiling of the ball room as our inspiration.”

Anything new and innovative we should be on the lookout in the world of wedding cakes?

“We revel in discovering and bringing new cake techniques to the fore and the two key words to look out for are texture and technology.”

“The designs offered in the luxury wedding landscape is so diverse but most of the cakes tend to be tall, statementcakes with incredible attention to detail.”

We like to make unforgettable moments! And one is the entrance the cake.

What are the best ways to display a masterpiece cake at a wedding reception?

“At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, our preference is for the cake to be set up for display where it can be appreciated and admired. It also allows for enough time for professional shots of the cake to be captured in all its glory, as after all it is the only guest at the wedding with its own table!”

“We have also had cakes rolled out as a surprise, which brings its own issues such as ensuring the cake is structurally sound, the table it is wheeled out on has appropriate wheels and brakes etc.”

For a French chateau wedding, which is what I usually do, what would you suggest ?

“The romance and ambience of a French chateau make it the ultimate fairytale retreat. We would therefore design a cake to fit the style and decor of the chateau and wedding.”

“Personalization is also key as chateaus can vary in style and period fittings and the cake should reflect the couple’s style.”


Tuesday June 4th, 2019

Luxury Wedding Cake Designer Interview – Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

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