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The show Emily in Paris, streaming on Netflix, has inspired many to visit our beloved city. Emily captured our hearts with her endearing sense of humor, chic sense of style, and creatively ambitious attitude. Throughout the seasons, she galivants to landmarks and more understated locations throughout Paris. She is a social creature– one who celebrates fully, unapologetically, and frequently and we’ve got the scoop on her top hot spots. Read more for locations featured and filmed in the series where Emily in Paris celebrates and socializes.

Hôtel d’Évreux

This historical private mansion is featured throughout the show. Think quintessential French classic architecture and grandeur. For instance, speaking of classic French architecture, see the Rodin Museum in Paris in utterly romantic opulence. Situated at Number 19 on the sumptuous Place Vendôme, Hôtel d’Évreux is the venue at which Emily socializes at a fictitious beauty brand’s influencer release party. However, in real life, this location in Paris is in a high-end square sought after for a boutique shopping experience.

view from the seine

Le Diamant Bleu

An ultimate celebration location centers around the Seine. Whether you’re seeking to go on a tour of Emily in Paris locations or not, touring the Seine on Le Diamant Bleu is non-negotiable. Devour panoramic city views from the deck with divine cuisine prepared onsite. Undoubtedly, options abound for tours of the Seine, but you’ll recognize this specific location in a scene from Season 2 “Stuck on a Love Boat”.


As a matter of fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no? Carrette is the epitome of Parisian cafés. Fortunately, this is a location from Emily in Paris that you can easily add to your Paris itinerary. Indulge in French pastries and the social environment.


Location, location, location. Bonjour, Bonnie. Situated high above and right next to the Eiffel Tower, Bonnie is a bar and restaurant with sweeping views and psychedelic accents with a nod to the New York culinary scene. This is a festive and iconic location featured in Emily in Paris fit for a celebration or social hour.


Yet another historical landmark location in Emily in Paris. A staple from decades past and decades to come, this location is frequented by international celebrities for incredible French gastronomic experiences, a living, breathing symbol of Art Nouveau, and nightlife all its own.


Shopping at Samaritaine and Avenue Montaigne

Perhaps the most elite and exclusive shopping experience you can find in the heart of the capital. Samaritaine is a large department store sprawling over 20,000 square meters. But don’t be fooled– this location once started at a single boutique in 1870. History comes alive as you stroll the lanes, dripping with couture and jewelry shops. Additionally, Avenue Montaigne is a location in Paris connecting the Champs-Elysées to the Alma Bridge. Not to mention, here you will find major haute-couture houses like Chanel, Chloé, Céline, Thierry Mugler, Saint Laurent Paris, and Prada.

Galleries Galore

In addition to incredible shopping, Paris is home to incredible art. Unquestionably, we must steer you to the galleries along Avenue Matignon. In addition to haute-couture, you will encounter one of the most prestigious– The Galerie Perrotin where visitors can discover works by a collection of artists. Together with Strouk Gallery in the heart of Paris, you are sure to strike gold with Emily in Paris inspired locations.

While there are familiar locations selected for the set of Emily in Paris, I have unearthed and exposed some of the lesser-known locales. With my inside knowledge of the capital, you can experience Paris like a local. If you seek a luxury experience beyond sightseeing in Paris, I am one to pull back the curtain and gain access to locations truly for a celebration.

Tuesday April 25th, 2023

Locations Where Emily in Paris Celebrates (and Socializes)

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