There is no better spot than the City of Love to bring together the top 250 wedding industry leaders and innovators from around the world in none other than the heart of Paris! In partnership with Engage!23, I am very excited to bring this world-class event to Paris for the first time which will be held on July 24-27th, 2023. Hosted at two fantastic properties in the heart of the city, I’m going to share one of them with you today. Le Meurice in Paris, an iconic property that personifies the history and romance of this great city and it will be home to many of the guests of this event.

Le Meurice stood out to me in part because it’s a palace hotel, located in the heart of historic Paris but it’s also a living work of art. It is an inspirational and captivating hotel where 18th-century splendor and modern comfort blend seamlessly.


History of Le Meurice in Paris –

The story of Paris in a hotel.

Many artists have been repeat guests of Le Meurice, from Dalí and Zola to Warhol and Dylan. All of whom have added to the long history of characters visiting this hotel. Aside from great artists, Le Meurice has been nicknamed the “Hotel des Rois” or “Hotel of Kings”. This is due to many royal guests including HM Queen Victoria. The Queen stayed during her official state visit to Paris in 1855. Besides royalty, other notable guests of the time include the Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Leo Tolstoy, the prolific writer.

Most notably, I love Le Meurice, so the attendees of the Engage! event can follow in the footsteps of Picasso. He celebrated his wedding to the Russian ballet dancer, Olga Khokhlova in the hotel’s ballroom in July 1918.


Picasso’s Montmartre

Le Meurice, Paris

In recent times, it was the first hotel to be awarded official ‘Palace’ status. This award was received by the French Ministry of Tourism in 2011.

It’s not just a wedding industry Event – wake up in the heart of the city!

Aside from the richness of the history of the hotel, there are many things you can see and do while staying in the heart of the city. Visit the Eiffel Tower (3.7 km) or Notre-Dame Cathedral (3.3 km), or the Centre Pompidou (4.3 km), or the Grand Palais (1.3 km) is always an architectural highlight. Other things to take in while in Paris include luxury shopping or the Musée d’Orsay. If you don’t wish to venture far, many of the rooms also feature views of the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre Museum.


During the speaking events, the main stage will be located in a splendidly ornate ballroom reminiscent of the palace Versailles. It is easy to get lost in the magic and elegance of this hotel. After the events of the day, guests can stop by the bar or feast at either of the two restaurants. Each restaurant is under the mastery of chef des cuisines Amaury Bouhours. The main restaurant, Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse, boasts two Michelin stars.  Also, the hotel features executive pastry chef Cédric Grolet. He won the title of ‘World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef’ in 2018.


I am thrilled to be co-hosting this world-class wedding industry event at such a historic and beautiful location in Paris. And of course, Le Meurice in Paris makes a perfect destination wedding location in the city as well!

Photo Credits: Le Meurice

Tuesday May 2nd, 2023

Le Meurice in Paris and Engage!23

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