The announcement comes to inform everyone of your happiness. He invites your loved ones to be present for this day of commitment where you will say Yes to your half. This is the very first image of your wedding. This must be consistent with what you have chosen for this celebration (color, theme, atmosphere …). To help you, here are some tips to help you find inspiration.


Pinterest, the biggest source of inspiration for an announcement


Whether for the staging of the venue, decorating tables, holding your bridesmaids, wedding photos … Pinterest can be a great help to inspire you, and give you ideas that you might not have thought. Searching by keyword is extremely simple, and you will be able to “pin” your findings on “tables” that you name according to their content. Plus, Pinterest is available as an app on smartphones, so you can access it anytime, in one click!


To make romantic shares, drawn in watercolor


Florine Asch, talented designer and watercolorist, creates beautiful drawings to illustrate the great moments of a wedding, a birth or any other occasion. Her style and talent are always appreciated by our customers, and I highly recommend you to call on her to share with you, but also your invitations, or your mark-places. Large houses trust him, from Hermes to Fauchon via the Ritz. You can admire his work on the few drawings below and on his page, at the following link:

Her work is precise and original, she adapts easily to the desired themes. She has a sense of detail, rendering is always beautiful, for your announcement here is an idea out of the ordinary.

    Here in a Louis XV style.     In a champêtre theme.   Florine is very original but there are many other French or international artists who can make you a very original announcement card. The bottom line is to do something out of the ordinary that looks like you.

Thursday March 15th, 2018

Announcement: inspiration for a wedding

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