When deciding where to get married at a destination wedding, the world is your oyster. From the beaches of the South of France to the monuments of Paris, the deserts of Dubai or the tropics of Thailand, there are so many wonderful destinations and properties to choose from within those locales. How does one decide? Start with the basics. Rule out any properties that don’t fit your unique event needs. Does the space hold your guest count? Can it accommodate all the parties you want to host on property? Is it accessible for the specific needs of your loved ones? Is your date available and the budget fitting of the costs? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to entertain a tour of the spaces. Maximize your time on property and arm yourself with information before you travel with these important questions to ask your destination wedding venue.


Do you have air conditioning?

It sounds like a simple and obvious request but many historic, rural or unique event spaces don’t have air conditioning and depending on where and the time of year you’d like to wed, this could be a deciding factor for your guest comfort level.


Do you have a curfew?

If your group plans to celebrate late into the early morning hours, ensure your space allows for it. Many properties has a 10pm noise and music curfew so discuss your options inside for a late night after party that won’t disturb the neighbors.

Do you have a kitchen for catering or does one need to be built on site? Is outside catering allowed or does the venue provide the food and beverage?

The right answer is whatever is right for you. If you want an truly exceptional gastronomic experience, ensure the caterer on property can deliver or find a venue that allows you to bring one in that can. If your family requires a specific type of cultural cuisine, ask about the chef’s ability to create a menu to your liking. This meal is an important one!


What limitations, restrictions and decor parameters are there?

This is especially important if getting married in a monument or historic space! Most monuments come with a thick rule book that must be strictly followed to ensure the safekeeping of any art, historic structures or gardens. Determine what you can and can’t do before you book. Your dream wedding may not work in a space with specific limitations. But I like to think there’s always a way to make the magic happen.

Do you have guest accommodations?

You may or may not needs guests to stay where the wedding day takes place. Find out what your options are on property, nearby, or if you will need to provide transportation for your guests to get there.


Where do the wedding parties get ready or wait prior to the ceremony?

The couple should be kept hidden from sight before the ceremonies and rituals begin. Discuss what your options are for getting ready at the property, waiting for the ceremony or signing to begin and how to make a grand entrance when the time comes.

How many weddings can take place in one day or one weekend?

You want to feel like the only wedding in the world that day. Determine if you’ll be one of one or one of many on property and how much dedicated attention will be given to your party to ensure its success.


How much time before the wedding (days or hours) are we allowed for setup?

This will drastically dictate the kind of decor you can plan for. A tent will need days, even weeks for setup. Be prepared to only bring in goods and design elements that can be executed in the allotted timeframe.

Understanding what a wedding would be like at any property will help you narrow down your destination wedding venue selection. With the world at your fingertips, that is not a small task. So before you book, take note of these important questions to ask your destination wedding venue. With this foundation, a perfect destination is not far away!

Thursday April 4th, 2019

Important Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Venue

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