We’ve all seen stunning images from weddings at iconic landmarks and highly recognizable museums throughout the world. They seem so exciting, effortless, and memorable. However memorable and striking the experience may be, effortless is certainly not one of them. With a little digging, one may find just how truly difficult it typically is for such establishments to say yes to hosting a wedding. I am one of few luxury planners who have unlocked access to these incredibly private locations. This is how I host a wedding at a museum.


First and foremost, we respect the location. Its history, beauty, and day-to-day function require the same level of respect that I give my clients. The only way I’ve gained access to these locations is by showing respect to the establishments and all they stand for. With that being said, there are certain parameters we must navigate as guests. If you are seeking to host a wedding in a monument, you must be comfortable with the idea of working with the existing beauty and architecture of the structure. We’re not changing the venue to match our vision. Quite frankly, the venue is our vision. We’re simply here to revel in it– and respect it.

Navigating the Logistics

Some venues begin to set up days before the event. We’d have the leisure of scheduling installations and ample time for walkthroughs. However, in almost all cases, these museums and establishments are open to the public during standard business hours. Instead of wide set-up windows, we meet the demands of these iconic locations because we know just how truly spectacular the reward will be. Due to the nature of hosting a wedding in a museum or monument, it is of utter importance to work with an esteemed and trusted planner. As someone who has pulled off weddings in usually off-limits locations, I know that logistics demand a nuanced eye for detail.

Work With, Not Against

It is a crime to unlock access to a quintessential location and not utilize every square foot of space. You can build an experience like no other for you and your guests alike. As we host a wedding, there is a certain flow of events throughout the evening that takes your guests from one location to another. In museums, we work with the space to ensure each feature is appreciated. That means curating art experiences for your guests during cocktails. Art tours, behind-the-scenes looks, or educational demonstrations that one would not typically find at a wedding venue of a different caliber.

Moving your guests through the various locations of the museum or monument in conjunction with flow of the wedding ensures the entire story of the location is being told. Your guests will soak up each sensory experience as they transition from ceremony to reception in all its glory. We’re flowing through gardens and exhibits! These events are designed around¬†the art and decor and will impact your guests’ memories for many years to come.

Yes, it is tricky to host a wedding in a museum. These are logistically difficult events. Additionally, they require a client who has the utmost respect for the establishment. My clients understand the honor it is to share nuptials on hallowed ground. However challenging the planning process may be, I truly believe we can build a once in a lifetime experience. Like many things in life, we get what we work for. And this, my friends, is how I work to host a wedding in a museum.

Images by Hariette Earnshaw, Jose Villa, Elise Dumas

Monday June 26th, 2023

How to Host a Wedding in a Museum

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