France is rich with history and beauty and the scenery ranges from rolling countryside, lush vineyards, and stately chateaus. It is a world-class destination that many seek. Hosting your wedding in this country will bring an unparalleled experience not only for you, but your guests as well. I have experience in some of the most exclusive venues that typically close their doors to weddings and in all manner of venues from Lake Como, Paris, and beyond. Let my experience offer you confidence with these do’s and don’ts of planning your French wedding.

The time has come to plan your dream wedding. And you’ve got your sights set on none other than France! Rightfully so. French culture drips with sophistication and romance making it a top destination for luxury wedding travel. As a non-french speaking couple, you may encounter roadblocks while planning. But with my quick and efficient do’s and don’ts list, you’ll have a strong footing to begin your beautiful journey.


  • Dream big. There is very little that can’t be done. No matter how grand your visions are, a team is likely willing to execute them with style and grace.
  • Speaking of teams–find one with credentials in your desired city or venue. Your wedding planner should act as a liaison, for language barriers and more, during the entirety of planning with your best interest at heart.
  • Understand legal requirements. It is highly recommended that your civil ceremony and legal documentation occur in your home country. The ceremony at your French location will be symbolic (and stunning).
  • Your due diligence in terms of currency exchange.
  • Focus on the guest experience. Plan a handful of events to invite your guests to the country. I like welcome parties, tasting experiences, art studio tours, outings, and brunches, in addition to the big day’s events.
  • Trust your wedding planner’s vendor recommendations.
  • Visit. Once your venue has been selected, spend time in the area. This will ensure you’re familiar with the locations and atmosphere while planning and may offer some insight into the weather, depending on your season of choice.


As to be expected during any travel, don’t arrive with preconceived notions. Always be respectful of the culture and locals. It is likely we are visiting their space and seeking the most authentic experience possible. For that reason– you should take their lead. Again, your destination wedding planner should excel at guiding you through the planning process for your French wedding.

  • Leave your guests floundering for activities. There should be a clear and detailed itinerary to guide your guests from arrival to departure.
  • Neglect ample time for travel arrangements. Local weddings typically have save the dates sent within 6-8 weeks prior. The destination wedding should be earlier.
  • Fail to consider the weather and time of year. The summer months are busier for tourism in Europe, especially France. Not only the season’s busyness but don’t dismiss the weather and proper accommodations to maintain everyone’s comfort.

Planning a destination wedding in France will be one of the most satisfying tasks of your life and a perfect destination to celebrate each passing anniversary. With so many incredible locations to choose from, your nuptials will be fondly reminisced upon for years to come. With my advice and collection of do’s and don’ts, take the lead and begin your adventure! As always, we’re here to guide your every move.

Images by Jose Villa

Wednesday July 5th, 2023

Do’s and Don’ts: Planning your French Wedding

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