Take inspiration for your marriage celebrations with these European summer wedding ideas. Summer is an idyllic time for nuptials. Traditionally speaking, the weather is cooperative, travel feels easier, and you are not competing with the winter holiday season. Once you’ve narrowed down your ideal season, building your dream European summer wedding is only a matter of decisions. Also, impeccable taste helps.

Vinyard Wedding Location


Arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding is the venue and location. Your choices are limitless and can be narrowed down by scenic preferences. Do you seek Versailles-style gardens and a central Paris location? Your Le Musée Rodin summer wedding idea can become actuality. Browse the splendor of a Parisian staple. Also, note this is one of few locations that allow fireworks shows onsite. If you seek the countryside, consider Provence. Another key point to note, perfect European summer wedding ideas come to life in The French Rivera. An additional European summer wedding idea? Set your sights on Italy. Lake Como offers European charm and incredible topography. High-sought-after venues are our specialty.


A theme can act as a guiding light when sorting through summer wedding ideas. Selecting a theme can keep your design, décor, and cuisine as one cohesive thread woven throughout your entire wedding. We recommend choosing a state of mind or aesthetic theme such as “organic and earthy”, “classic and romantic”, or “polished simplicity.” However, if you love everything about the sea, it is certainly possible to bring that inspiration tastefully to your celebration.

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Yes, your wedding is about creating your wildest dreams and making a European summer wedding come to life. Regardless, it is also our duty to host our guests with the utmost attention to detail and care. Food and beverage are top of mind. There are a few ways to go about narrowing down your summer wedding ideas in terms of food. You may opt to choose a themed cuisine, Italian for instance. Furthermore, another option is to consider an interactive service that engages your guests. Or lean into gastronomy techniques that ignite the palette and create a lasting impression.


Color Palette

One can never falter with a soft neutral color scheme. It is timeless, suits many complexions, and photographs beautifully. Conversely, it can be argued that a European summer wedding idea can burst with color. Take inspiration from the natural setting of your venue to influence your color selections. Think bright lemon yellow in Italy or deep emerald green in the French countryside. In the situation of surrounding fields of lavender, consider bringing in a cool grey tone or cream as a nice juxtaposition to the calming flora.

Above all, your European summer wedding should represent you as a couple, your desires, and your personal style. Never would I recommend going for a wedding theme that is not representative of your style as a couple or as an individual. Your guests seek intimacy, no matter the size of the group, and that means experiencing an inside look into your true wedding dreams. While sifting through summer wedding inspiration, take time to gather pictures and ideas that call to you. Soon you will find a unifying thread. Think about it and watch your vision come to life.


Images by Jose Villa Photography, Sempre Viva Photography



Wednesday June 21st, 2023

European Summer Wedding Ideas

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