bali-destination-weddingDestination weddings may have once been small groups and barefoot on the beach but in recent years the art of destination wedding design has become as elaborate and often more difficult to produce than any other event. Showcasing a special location, staying true to the environment around you and yet creating something your guests haven’t seen before is all a balancing act that can really wow when done just right.

Destination wedding design is one of my passions.

I love to infuse the local area into the event, keep any views in tact but still transform a space with moments of magic throughout. If you’re getting married at a destination wedding in Paris or anywhere else in the world, consider my destination wedding design tips before you build your dream day.   Our team is specialized in events where guests come from foreign countries in relation to the chosen location. We are used to handle the logistics (hotels, transport, etc.) destination-wedding-planner Honor the destination: Part of the charm of a destination wedding is exploring and experiencing a place new and different with your loved ones. Honor the destination by infusing it into the décor and design plan. This can be done through local floral product, party favors and gifts, the menu selections, music and even special ceremony touches if you so choose. We always try to infuse the culture, folklore and traditions of the native countries to dazzle the very authentic and warm celebration. destination-weddings Don’t Destroy the View: This may seem obvious but often times elaborate décor can distort or destroy the view you’ve traveled to. Keep the ceremony stunning with the natural setting around you and then dress up your reception on a grander scale. Once the sun sets, you’ll likely lose the view anyway so that’s the time to design with a slightly heavier hand.  bali-destination-weddings Travel with Your Team but Tie-in Local: We are based in Paris but work all over the world. Picking the perfect wedding planner shouldn’t be limited by location. But working with the local talent in the destination where you wed is also important. Often times traveling with your wedding planner, photographer and even hair and makeup or design team is ideal. But a fantastic local caterer, florist or cake designer is a great way to get the best of both worlds. destination-wedding-planners

Serve up Regional Favorites: Not all design comes in the form of flowers or lighting.

What you serve for your first meal, the gifts you present, even the bar are all details that help make up the overall design. Stay true to your culture as you need and want to, but don’t overlook the destination. The idea of infusing local delicacies or favorites into your feast is a welcome twist on a traditional meal. Use desert, cocktails or even the main course to mix in creative influences.

The design of your meal can impart an authentic love of the culture around you that your guests will appreciate.

destination-wedding-design Design Days Surrounding Your Big Day: Your wedding day is all about your wedding. But what about the other days your guests are on property? Consider a vintage car rally up the coast, a wine tasting at a nearby vineyard, or a cooking class. Give your group an opportunity to experience a deeper love of the location. Sometimes bringing the venue into the design isn’t actually done on the wedding day itself. And that’s a great way to keep your guests entertained all week long. Activities can also vary depending on the location, for example: if we are in Mexico we could visit the Aztec pyramids. If it is in Paris, a private visit to the Musée Orsay can be arranged. destination-wedding-bali Are you hosting a destination wedding? What destination wedding design principles will you employ? Photos: Four Seasons Phuket 

Wednesday October 3rd, 2018

Destination Wedding Design Ideas

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