The season leading up to Christmas is a light-filled festive time in Paris that can be an ideal backdrop for a romantic proposal, wedding or milestone celebration

I feel so blessed to live in a city that provides me with infinite inspiration that ignites our creativity and allows us to provide our clients with cutting edge events

2016 has enjoyed a different genre of art that is entirely paper based! Most of influential people in the world, from the legendary artist Ai Weiwei to Lorenzo Papace, felt in love with this artistry:

Les Galeries Lafayette, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris

For the first time ever, les Galeries Lafayette unveilled a Christmas tree made entirely from paper, a unique creation by the french artist Lorenzo Papace.

Alejandra Poupel's Recommendations for a Wonderful Christmas in Paris

Copyright Les Galeries Lafayette

This giant tree, animated by a big wheel and cable cars, stands in the centre of Coupole, playing home to the polar bears that have come to experience a magical time in this pristine world.

This year at Les Galeries Lafayette, the displays aredesigned with exquisite paper artistry, all staged beneath the majestic art nouveau stained-glass dome. Galeries Lafayette is a winter wonderland!

Alejandra Poupel’s Recommendations for a Wonderful Christmas in Paris

Copyright Les Galeries Lafayette

Sometimes, the simpliest material such as a piece of paper can be transformed into the most luxurious Piece of Art !

Ai Weiwei Exposition, Le Bon Marché, Paris

What is the value of a beautifully crafted art piece? What is its worth if it’s made of paper? The greatest Chinese artist Ai Weiwei explored the fantasy-driven world of opulent extravagance through his handcrafted paper sculptures at Le Bon Marché.

His exposition Er Xi, which translates to “child’s play”, draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese text Shan Hai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas), the legends of which have been read and retold to children for millennia.

Artist Ai Weiwei has used traditional Chinese kite-making techniques to create mythological characters and creatures for windows, atriums and the gallery at Paris department store Le Bon Marché.

Procédés Chénel, 70 Rue Jean Bleuzen, 92170 Vanves

  Floral paper decorations have been a big theme in 2016 and 2017 for photo back drops and amazing alter decor. Its elegant and sophisticated and an inventive way of not consistently using real flowers


Thursday November 29th, 2018

Christmas Paper Art Decorations in Paris

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