Paris awaits you for your milestone celebrations

Many people count their wedding as one of the most important days in their life but shouldn’t an anniversary be just as celebrated? Shouldn’t we honor the commitment we made — whether it was one year ago or 50 years — with an affair to remember?
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Imagine the soft clink of champagne glasses as you look out and see a room filled with people you love. An anniversary is a milestone celebration that should mirror the commitment, love and devotion of you and your spouse. We can help you and your partner create an anniversary celebration, whether for just the two of you or 200 guests.

Our reputation for first-class events is because we work with our clients to make sure their dreams come alive. We take time to find out what makes a couple tick — fine food, award-winning wines, classic art, jazz music, sense of adventure — and incorporate that into their celebration. Let us plan your Anniversary party in Paris.

“I love weddings but there’s something extra special about working on anniversary events,” says Alejandra. “It’s wonderful to work with couples who know each other so well and who want to celebrate that love and commitment with a special event.”

Alejandra has private access to unbelievable venues —castles, museums and yachts — that will make your anniversary celebration pop (along with the champagne). Let us transform your love story into a celebration that’s worthy of this milestone.