Welcome back, friends and colleagues! If this is the first time we’re meeting, bonjour! I’m very excited to announce the new look of Alejandra Poupel Events. We have a new style, a new website, new stories, and exciting new weddings on the blog too.

Who We Are

It’s lovely to meet you. I’m Alejandra, a Paris-based event and wedding planner with events and clients across the globe. I myself was born in Nicaragua, educated in the US, and after falling madly in love with a Frenchman, I raised my two children here in Paris. My wonderful daughters are now attending college in the US, where I often find myself visiting family and my girls.

The events I produce become a part of me. So after many years, when it was time for a redesign, I wanted the look and branding of the company to reflect not only my personal style and what I love about weddings and events, but also the global clients I work with and their cultures, countries, and individual tastes. Naturally, you’ll see a nod to Paris throughout the site. But I work all over the world too. My clients are often from different countries than where they choose to wed so you’ll see my globally-inspired event design and aesthetics too. It’s very important to me that I reflect the cultural values of our clients in their events and therefore, within our new site as well. I hope you enjoy!

I’m an energetic and enthusiastic, truly happy person who loves fashion (Fendi is my favorite), family, experiencing new traditions and cultures, theater, celebration, vibrant color and art (I worked at Christie’s before my event career), and of course, I love love. I approach each of my events with tenacity and innovation, a zest for life, and a desire for inspiring others through design, theatrics, and new experiences. I love working with clients with extremely high expectations and big dreams. Those are the events that excite me most to bring to fruition.

World-class weddings and events, anywhere in the world, are my specialty. I speak five languages and my team speaks eight. We are exceptionally versed in the nuances that come with different cultural weddings and unexpected locations. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life. And if you can’t dream big enough, we’ll do that too.

Take a Look

I invite you to explore the new Alejandra Poupel Events website. Please browse our wedding location guides if you’re looking for a wedding venue. For inspiration, our wedding blog has some of our favorite work, brands, and ideas.


Special Thanks

A special thanks to Bruce and Angela from the Cloud Nine Agency, a division of WedLuxe. They tirelessly reimaged our logo, look, and website. We couldn’t be more pleased! We’re excited for you to take a look and immerse yourselves in our new world! Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday April 4th, 2023

Alejandra Poupel Events: A New Look Inside

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