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"The word “no” is not in our vocabulary"

Professional, polished and poised
Alejandra Poupel Events provides a full range of event services to a savvy and discerning clientele. Alejandra and her seasoned team collaborate with their creative partners to create world-class events that are masterfully produced and distinctively designed.

Known as Europes top France Destination wedding agency by French publications as Vogue and Paris Match.Our agency works with events of every size and approach each one with unrivaled passion, inventiveness and sophistication.

Our clients get more than just a well-crafted event. We have insider access to arrange private visits to art collector’s homes, couture ateliers and backstage experiences.

Professional: Expand your perception of what is possible 

Alejandra Poupel Events will help you curate the perfect, personal event. Every detail will be handled with precision and care. She and her team operate in many languages and cultures but it said that Alejandra’s native tongue is the language of determination.

Alejandra is a sharp negotiator who will manage your budget with care. She has strong relationships with trusted vendors and suppliers who want to work with her to create exceptional events, defined by grace and created with an impeccable attention to detail.

Polished: A successful event is like a work of art
Our agency believes that every celebration is a work of art. Alejandra is a master at listening to clients, creating a partnership with them and then working together from concept to completion.

Our philosophy is to provide truly honest and thoughtful direction to our clients while utilizing our collective knowledge and experience to design, plan and seamlessly orchestrate an event that will delight all five senses.

Poised: Alejandra Poupel loves to surprise and delight!
Our fearless team knows how to deliver that wow factor — whether it’s a destination wedding or an intimate dinner with friends, it will be memorable, elegant and flawless.

The word “no” is not in her vocabulary, which is why clients rave about her.

What truly differentiates us in the competitive landscape is our five-senses approach to creating spectacular and unique events that will leave you suspended in a moment with the profound longing to relive that moment — again and again. We create events from a theatrical point of view, with a beginning, middle and end. We shape a tempo that keeps clients in awe and surprised. We design an experience using the five senses — through a subtle yet powerful scent wafting through the room or just-right lighting that captures a mood or delightful music that stirs emotions.

Schedule your consultation to discover why so many have trusted us with their most precious moments.

Meet Alejandra

Alejandra was born in Nicaragua, educated in the United States and has lived in Paris for 20 years. A truly global citizen, she speaks five languages, has an elegant sense of style and an amazing attention to detail that allows her and her team to imagine and execute majestic events in close collaboration with their clients. She’s high energy with high expectations and will use her experience, creativity and passion to work with you to create your perfect event.

Alejandra, an international planner, producer and designer, has carefully crafted a brand that is cutting-edge, innovative and non-traditional. Armed with a keen eye, great enthusiasm and a willingness to break the rules, she’s able to create jaw-dropping experiences. Her company is based in Paris but her experience and approach are global.

Alejandra’s commitment to her clients knows no bounds; she gives 110% all the time. For every location she discovers, there comes new inspiration and perspective. It is her keen curiosity about the world and how aesthetic, cultures and hospitality intertwine that make all her events something to talk about.

Alejandra rejoices in catering to an international clientele allowing them to experience European “savoir-faire” in organizing unique and exquisite events enriched by your culture. Alejandra Poupel Events collaborative and inclusive spirit allows us to work at ease with all cultural taste and styles.

Our clients are our best ambassadors

« Alejandra is the graff of an event planning. » Arihiro Nakamura (Japan)
" Your special touch for my milestone celebration of becoming a colonel of the United States was highly appreciated by all my guests . Thank you so much! " Colonel Schamell (France)
« We've been amazed by her enthusiasm and expertise ». Sara & Jason (USA)
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