Planning a destination wedding in France is, and always will be, an electrifying adventure. There is no limit to grandeur and wonder. A luxury destination wedding not only offers an event for your guests, it should be imprinted in their life’s memories! Rich in spirit, sophistication, timeless style, and romance, France offers a destination wedding celebration like no other. Planning with your guests in mind, here are 5 ways to curate a luxury guest experience.


Entertainment is premium in France. Art is in the very life-blood of the country. Whether you choose to host your wedding in a museum like Musee Rodin, or in the open-air of Normandy, there is a demand for entertainment and art-immersive gameplay. The decor will speak for itself–it should take the guests’ breath away. And that’s not difficult to attain because the venues are overflowing with beauty as they stand. If you weave a musician into guest arrival, their experience will feel that much more abundant and splendid. Carry performances throughout the day from morning, noon, into late-night. Have your menu served by performers, delighting each and every one of your guests. Weaving luxury into your guest experience can be as simple as hiring an ornate artist.


Perhaps best known for incredible food and drink, curating a luxury guest experience for your destination wedding would be remiss to not include a stunning menu. Chefs are next-level with gastronomy. We have the belief that food should be art itself. By weaving in modern and intriguingly-presented dishes like the lobster salad (below), the guest experience will rival that of 5-star restaurant dining.


Arguably one of my favorite courses, dessert should not be taken lightly. From cakes as beguiling as they are indulgent, to macaron towers of classic French wedding tradition, displays spilling with sweets, dessert is another way to weave luxury into the guest experience.


More is more. No vision is too ornate, no dream too wild. If there is a time and place for your grandest ideas to come to life, it is now. Estates swathed in lights, live statues adorned in floral, installations hanging from the ceiling– it can all be done. And I’d argue, in light of weaving luxury into the guest experience, must be done.


Multi-Day Events

Destination weddings need to account for more than the wedding day itself. Planning an itinerary for your guests will ensure their entire visit is extraordinary. I enjoy welcome dinners, tasting experiences, art-immersive experiences, after-parties, and farewell brunches. While it is not necessary to incorporate all of these ideas, surely a few will weave a level of luxury into the destination wedding your guests will never cease to forget. Depending on your selected venue, some museums particularly, will open different rooms for private tours or exclusive viewing of installations. I like to incorporate these anterooms into the flow of the event during cocktail hour or on the way to the ceremony site.

The French destination wedding of your imagination is yours for the taking. With a highly-decorated wedding planner on your side, the sky is truly the limit. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it so for your guests, as well. Using these different categories to inject a luxurious view into your wedding, your curated guest experience will top memories for years to come.

Images by Maddy Christina, Jose Villa, Zuzu Birkhof and Kino Ortega

Saturday July 15th, 2023

5 Ways to Curate a Luxury Guest Experience

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