One way to welcome your guests with drama, sophistication, and excitement for what’s to come is to host your welcome reception at an iconic property in the city where you will wed. This Petit Palais wedding welcome party was exactly that. Such a warm and celebratory welcome for the guests! And a truly magnificent way to build anticipation for the big day.


This Petit Palais wedding welcome party was all about the theatrical entertainment of the night. Over-the-top fantasy was abundant both in floral installations and the dancers’ attire. Costumes could be seen across the room – giant winged performers and oversized floral-clad gowns could not be missed. And the floral art installations, backdrops, and even giant scissors were worthy of this grand gallery.


On your wedding day, you may not want butterfly wings spanning the space but a welcome party is a perfect place to give your guests something unexpected to experience. These entertainers were certainly a highlight for all in attendance!


Floral installations can also be art installations. Especially when celebrating in a museum space. This oversized floral fantasy had guests in awe as they entered the reception space.


Wardrobe and costume for all performers and event staff is part of the presentation. It’s important to us that everyone in the room plays a role both visually and professionally.


In addition to the elaborate entertainment, the florals were floor-to-ceiling. A giant floral tree sat center stage and was even embellished at it’s base. Smaller trees sat atop tables as some of the mixed centerpieces.


Lighting is always an important part of the drama and tone of an event. Lighting a space like Petit Palais takes great vision and great timing to evolve the event into the next phase. Color can play a prominent role in how we light our spaces and the feeling we hope to impart.


Of course, candlelight has a lot to do with the mood of a room. We placed candles throughout to create a more intimate experience.


Food can also be entertainment. The gastronomy at our events is always superb. In France, food is a focal point (especially the dessert). Why not use each course as a part of the entertainment experience as well? We love to delight in both palette and sensory experiences!


What a magical wedding welcome party this was to be a part of! Wait until you see what the couple selected for their wedding!


Petit Palais Wedding Welcome Party Team: Event Producer: Alejandra Poupel Events, Talent: Nuart, Venue: Petit Palais, Photography: Claire Morris, Videography: Zen Film Works, Florals: Eric Chauvin

Thursday June 8th, 2023

Petit Palais Wedding Welcome Party

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