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Le Palais Brogniart

One of the best kept secrets of the many Paris wedding locations is the exclusive 19th century structure was once home to the French Stock Market and is located very close to the Place Vendome. What makes this property unique is the central location with a space for up to 500 guests, including a band, dinner and dancing. With massive ceilings, majestic décor and regal archways, there’s no reason to ever leave the one event space throughout your reception. Especially when there is no curfew on music and dancing here!

Brides and grooms can get ready upstairs in a spacious and gorgeous prep room perfect for pre-wedding photos. Ceremonies can be conducted on the side, in a side area outside where cocktails are sometimes hosted, but the draw is truly the grand reception space. Light up the interior and exterior for a total sensory experience here and an impactful moment for your guests from beginning to end.

Good to know

What to Know Before You Book: The property does have an exclusive contract for catering, lighting and sound. Their lighting and sound work is excellent and I usually bring in a Michelin Star Chef to accompany the caterer to enhance even further the over-the-top gastronomical experience. Opting in to additional setup time the night before or day-off can really enhance what we’re able to do in this massive space. The best event design results come with the proper time for installation.

APE Idea: We like to welcome guests through a very grand entrance. We do this here by enhancing the façade and lighting up the exterior by placing hundreds of candles on the steps of the entrance. It’s a majestic moment as guests walk in. Video mapping the façade also creates an additional layer to an immersive experience for those looking to take the entrance décor a step further.

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