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Le Musée Rodin

Musee Rodin is a museum with so much more than incredible art. This museum wedding venue in Paris is full of so much inspiration and beauty. A favorite of mine for the Versailles-style gardens, central Paris location and the magnificent Rodin sculpture collection, this French monument is idyllic for a city wedding.

Once the entrance to the public is closed, arrive by carriage and welcome guests into the gardens for a romantic ceremony followed by cocktails on the terrace of the museum. Just think how special cocktails next to The Thinker could be! You could even invite your guests to think about a leave a well wish for the newlyweds at the statue. A Rodin Museum wedding combines history, art and culture to the the celebration

I suggest using all of the spaces offered throughout the evening so guests can naturally explore and take the rare private journey through your museum wedding venue in Paris. A Rodin museum wedding is a perfect backdrop for couples that love a historical in the heart of Paris

Good to know

What to Know Before You Book: If your event calls for more than 30 guests, a tent will need to be constructed. A crystal transparent text provides beautiful views of the gardens and fountains as well as the grand architecture of the building. This tent is also key to dance until 2am with sound proofing measures needing to be in place. Getting married in a museum does come with its limitations and restrictions, but with us as your wedding planner, we’ll handle everything needed from security to insurance and fireproofing of all furniture too.

APE Idea: This is a rare museum wedding venue in Paris that gives couples the opportunity to host a fireworks show or do a lantern release without relocating. It makes for a wonderful grand finale at the end of the evening and a great photo opportunity.

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