The decoration of your wedding was very floral, and once the day has passed, put all the pretty flowers in the garbage cracks your heart? Offer a workshop of wreaths of flowers to your guests, who will be delighted to leave with their creation.



couronnes de fleurs

If you do not feel very manual, you can ask a florist for help to facilitate this workshop. But if DIY creations do not scare you, here are the different steps to achieve these crowns.


The necessary equipment


Tiger wire, floratape, pliers or a good pair of scissors, branches of mimosa or other foliage, like eucalyptus, some rosebuds, and any other flowers that you have recovered from the decoration of your wedding.


The making


First, we manufacture the support. To make the structure, use two pieces of wire to tiger. For sufficient length to form the crown, attach the two pieces with floratape, then cover the entire stem with the same floratape. Then we prepare the flowers. Cut the flowers about ten centimeters. Make small bouquets with three or four flowers, maintained with floratape. For a nice visual effect, vary the flowers, volumes, colors and foliage.


couronne de fleurs

Réalisez de petits bouquets comme ceux-ci.


And we finally realize the crown. Now fix the small bouquets of flowers on the wire structure, distributing the volumes, thanks to floratape. To keep the harmony, make sure to place all the bouquets in the same direction, so each bouquet covers the stems of the preceding bouquet. When the structure is fully covered, your crown is complete. You just have to put it on your head and immortalize it with photos. You do not have to make big crowns with big flowers. A thin and discreet crown gives a very romantic side.


couronne de fleurs

Tout en simplicité.


For an original crown, you can also use aromatic plants such as lavender, mint, rosemary, or even olive branches for a very country side .. If you want your crown to close with a pretty ribbon, plan a ribbon length of about 1m50. Do not close the wire frame, and tie the ribbon all along this structure, with Floratape, providing 50cm that will hang from each side to make the knot next.